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Digital Maids Update

Closing out 2018 with an update on my professional life.  I recently accepted a long-term contract position as a Digital Marketing Specialist, focusing on a website migration.  In this new role, I am learning a new CMS, SDL Tridion, which I am very excited about!  Equally as exciting are the super […]

Digital Maids Website Maintenance

Making Website Maintenance Collaborative

Making Website Maintenance Collaborative Website maintenance should be a collaborative effort.   Employees add value to a company website, and a strong digital presence often translates into a healthy business.  However, corralling content from various stakeholders is challenging.  Particularly when there is little or no process in place.  This is […]

How Non-Profits Thank Sponsors on Social Media

6 Ways non-profits can thank sponsors on Social Media

6 Ways non-profits can thank sponsors on Social Media Corporate sponsorships play an integral role in non-profit fundraising and are usually critical to achieving financial goals.  Given their importance, acknowledging sponsors on your social media networks should be an essential piece in your overall social media strategy.  Ultimately, you want your sponsor […]

Digital Maid Website Update Tips

5 Quick Ways to Give Your Site a Weblift

Originally posted in October 2014, updated January 2017 If the idea of adding “update the company website” to your to-do list seems daunting and time consuming, it’s probably the reason why you keep putting if off for another day.  However, each day that you delay puts into a motion a […]

Digital Maids Tip of the Day

Customizing your LinkedIn Profile

Make it easy to connect on LinkedIn by customizing your public profile URL What’s easier to remember, or ? Ditch the assigned numbers and make your LinkedIn profile more memorable and shareable by customizing your profile URL. Select Profile>Edit Profile>Update your public profile settings. BONUS! Don’t forget to […]