Prepping your Instagram posts to maximize local reach

Instagram for Local Reach Marblehead MA

Prepping your Instagram posts to maximize local reach

When deciding upon which social media networks to use for their local business, many small business owners ultimately include Instagram.  And for good reasons.  With over 600 million users, Instagram business pages that post quality content often see a high rate of engagement while building a strong online community.   Instagram offers a variety of creative ways to share content with your Followers, and continually updates its features, business insights, and overall functionality.

Given that Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s important to note that both social media networks are ad-based revenue companies.  Therefore, paid advertising should certainly play a recurring role in your long-term Instagram marketing strategy.  However, if you maximize your posts for discovery, some organic reach is still possible!  

Here are five tips for prepping your Instagram posts to maximize local reach.  

  • Include your location

Since location-based posts become discoverable when Instagram users search by location, don’t forget to include this nugget of information.  To broaden your reach, occasionally change up the location by choosing your city, region, or state.  

  • Locally focused hashtags

Hashtags have long been a part of gaining new followers on Instagram, and even more so now that hashtags can be followed.  Do your research and document popular hashtags specific to your area.  

  • Combined hashtags

The actual name of your business or a hashtag created for your business or products are both great ways to reinforce your brand.  However, you can also include a hashtag that combines your business name or product with your location.   For example, a bakery located in Boston may include #bostoncoffee, to reflect both a popular menu item and their location.  

  • Exterior shots

Sprinkle your posts with eye-catching images of your storefront or street to help users easily recognize you.  Play around with the best times of days to capture natural light.  Interesting weather, sunsets, and sunrises are also fun, engaging images and videos to share.

  • Incorporate local events

Stay in tune with local events and happenings in your area.  An annual road race or charity walk, for example, presents a unique opportunity to show community support.  Even better if you or an employee is participating, or your business is sponsoring!  

Bonus Tip:

Save your Instagram Stories that include a geotag to your camera roll for repurposing