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How Non-Profits Thank Sponsors on Social Media

6 Ways non-profits can thank sponsors on Social Media

6 Ways non-profits can thank sponsors on Social Media Corporate sponsorships play an integral role in non-profit fundraising and are usually critical to achieving financial goals.  Given their importance, acknowledging sponsors on your social media networks should be an essential piece in your overall social media strategy.  Ultimately, you want your sponsor […]

Digital Maids Tip of the Day

Customizing your LinkedIn Profile

Make it easy to connect on LinkedIn by customizing your public profile URL What’s easier to remember, or ? Ditch the assigned numbers and make your LinkedIn profile more memorable and shareable by customizing your profile URL. Select Profile>Edit Profile>Update your public profile settings. BONUS! Don’t forget to […]

Digital Maids Facebook Business Page Tips

Three helpful tips for Facebook Page admins

“Change is the only constant in life” – Heraclitus Words to live by, and no one understands this observation more than a social media manager.   Like all 21 “relevant” social media channels, Facebook never stops tweaking, updating, and altering its features and functionality.   If you manage a Facebook Page or Pages, […]

website vs social media

With so much social media, can I ditch my website?

If you are a small business owner managing multiple social media channels – a Facebook page, or Instagram and Twitter presence, for example, in addition to your company website, you may wonder, does my company still really need a website?  Facebook in particular continues to improve the functionality and overall […]