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Sharing buttons that beg

How do you feel about social sharing buttons on websites?  This is not be confused with social media icons that allow users to connect with a company’s social media platforms.  Social sharing buttons are usually located nearby chunks of content, allowing readers to share content with their social media platform of choice.

Their effectiveness is debatable, you can easily find research both in favor and not in favor of their influence on increased shares. Of course, content owners all want sharing, it’s wonderful for your content.  Sharing can lead to an increase of visitors to your website and if shared enough, boost your search engine results.

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What kind of host are you?

I recently attended a milestone birthday party at the home of a family who takes huge pride and delight in entertaining. Whenever this family hosts a gathering, I try hard not to miss, because I feel downright pampered from the moment I enter their space. They often hang special lanterns at the door, signaling the specialness of the evening. The food is always ample and superb, and lively, but not intrusive music pipes in the background, enhancing the overall mood. These hosts also don’t skimp on little details, like whimsical cocktail napkins placed on the wet bar, and placing one or two large tubs of drinks within easy reach for guests to help themselves.

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