What kind of host are you?

I recently attended a milestone birthday party at the home of a family who takes huge pride and delight in entertaining. Whenever this family hosts a gathering, I try hard not to miss, because I feel downright pampered from the moment I enter their space. They often hang special lanterns at the door, signaling the specialness of the evening. The food is always ample and superb, and lively, but not intrusive music pipes in the background, enhancing the overall mood. These hosts also don’t skimp on little details, like whimsical cocktail napkins placed on the wet bar, and placing one or two large tubs of drinks within easy reach for guests to help themselves.

Because this family lives close by, I often have the pleasure to visit with them when they are not hosting lavish shindigs, but simply living. And those visits are even more enjoyable. I am warmly welcomed, immediately offered a beverage and a seat. Because their home is not as meticulous as when it’s a large gathering, it’s the small touches that standout. On a shelf over the kitchen sink there is always a petite vase displaying one or two hand cut flowers. As you pass through the mudroom, oversized magnets display the family’s latest and greatest artwork. And one wall in the kitchen serves as an enormous chalkboard, often with inspirational quotes written in big chalky letters. I recently dropped off mail that mistakenly came to my house and on the chalkboard in warm gold chalk was written “May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short”. At once, my day seemed more manageable.

These small touches are what I like to help my DM clients with in their digital space. Because it’s these small touches that show your true colors as the keeper of your digital space and ultimately, your business. A careful eye on the seemingly little details of content demonstrate an ongoing mindfulness to the needs of your visitors and customers.

Do you have an interesting, new image on the homepage of your website? How about a fresh read by way of a link or blog? If you have a staff directory, are their bios up to date with recent accomplishments? How are your social media pages doing? Are you posting and communicating regularly to your followers? The goal is not perfection, like how you wanted it to look for the initial launch, which, when you think about it, was your lavish shindig. The goal is to show consistent, thoughtful activity, through careful maintenance of your content.

These are the sites and social media pages you like to linger on and follow. They make you feel cared for, and if you really do it right, downright pampered.