For restaurants and small businesses, how they reach and interact with their customers has changed drastically. The gains made in technology and social media platforms have intersected to empower them. However, harnessing this power takes time, and there are limited hours in a day.

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Truly successful nonprofits must be informative and communicative with their core audience. If the message or information of a nonprofit is out of date or inconsistent, opportunities are missed. Digital-Maids understands this key objective, ensuring content is available, current, and easily accessible.

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Digital Content Services including: Social Media Marketing & Management Website Maintenance & Integration Creation of WordPress sites   learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a company website, do we really need to add social media pages?

There are numerous benefits to having a strong and consistent social media presence for your business. Investing time and resources into the right social media channels allows you to engage directly with your audience, providing a unique opportunity to showcase your products and develop trust and loyalty with your followers. It also encourages sharing of your content, creating the potential for your business to attract and gain new customers.  Additionally, when fully integrated with your company website, regularly updated social media channels are great for SEO.

What if my business doesn’t have any social media pages?

Let Digital Maids create your social media pages and allow you to focus on your business! With 20 plus social media channels to choose from, not all are suited for your particular business and audience. Creating and posting quality content for one to three social media platforms will allow you to hone your message and determine what type of content works best to market your business and engage with customers.

Our company website doesn’t require daily updates, isn’t that what Digital Maids does?

Rather than daily, some businesses only require monthly or quarterly website updates, which is why hiring a full-time digital content manager is not cost-effective, but hiring Digital Maids is! The frequency of content updates is determined by you, the updates are done by Digital Maids.

Our company just got a new logo, isn’t that enough?

Logos, branding, and web design are a critical part of your digital marketing strategy, but it doesn’t end there. At the end of day, fresh content is what brings users back to your website.  For a moment, take your business owner hat off and think as a digital user.  As a digital user, when you visit the website of a business you are interested in and the first item you see is an announcement from six months ago, what is your initial reaction? For many, the feeling is mistrust. Perhaps you start to wonder if there are some competing companies with more current information. We all know how easy it is to comparison shop online, so give your users a reason to stay on your website, and better yet – return.


Digital Maids helps small business owners with the constant digital updates critical to the success of their online