[zee_columns][zee_column size=”8″ id=”column1″]Fundraising is typically a major component of the nonprofit world. For many nonprofits, successful fundraising brings to fruition “the why” their organization was originally conceived.

Creating and maintaining awareness is key to any type of fundraising strategy, and to ensure fundraising campaigns reach their financial targets requires a concerted and consistent offering of content. The more convenient you make it for potential donors to find and identify your call to action, the quicker your fundraising grows.

Digital Maids (DM) recently worked with a nonprofit that was launching an impressive fundraising campaign. To help achieve objectives and make certain their digital audience was not disappointed, DM introduced new web pages to the existing website, including an official kick-off page, serving as the focal point of the campaign going forward. More subtle Call To Action images were incorporated into pages not directly associated with the campaign. The roster of corporate sponsorship was continually updated to reflect the most recent sponsors and include the appropriate logos and links. A happy sponsor is a probable returning sponsor!

Social media also played a pivotal role, with three to five posts a week across two of the organizations most heavily used platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Communications that are considered essential to the success of the campaign were additionally posted and shared across the pages of various media outlets, who frequently welcome fresh content to share with their content hungry fans. Social media has proven to be a great vehicle to engage users visually by including a wide variety of vivid images and graphics.

Additions to the website were seamlessly integrated with social media, producing fresh, cohesive messaging across all platforms. If a user prefers to acquire their information through the website, the content on the site is current and up to date. If a user relies on their Facebook newsfeed, the latest fundraising information appears regularly. Working links to social media pages are easily accessible from the website, and website links on the social media pages are also readily available.

When campaign  officially kicked off, the social media pages saw a steady uptick in page and post likes, and the webpage continued to see heavy traffic.  In the end, all fndraising goals were on target!